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What do we do?

SEO Highly does search engine optimisation, pure and simple. We bring traffic to your site, and customers to your virtual storefront.

Who do we work with?

Almost everyone who has a website wants to be easy for the right people to find, so we work with people from all walks of life and in every industry imaginable.

What is our mission?

Getting your message to your customers quickly, effectively, and before your competition does.

There are millions of people searching the internet this very moment in the UK alone. People are looking for information, goods and services on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. Before long, more money will change hands online than in shops and storefronts. More sellers crowd the online market every day, and competition for that online market has never been fiercer.

To succeed, or even to stay afloat in this see of competitors, your website needs to get traffic. That is where SEO Highly comes in. We have become one of the most successful SEO companies in America, and now the UK, by providing bespoke online marketing solutions that blend cutting edge technology with innovative thinking. We provide a full package solution that is as big or as small as you need, including traditional SEO, paid search campaigns, in-depth analytics, and social media presence to get you the targeted, money-spending traffic you need at a price you can afford.

How does the process work?

Well, now you’re asking.
Simply put, SEO is about creating the shortest possible path between you and your customers.

  • Keywords: The process generally starts with identifying your most valuable keywords. Your keywords are your most important digital asset. They identify what a customer is looking for online. The ability to target a market so precisely is an amazingly powerful tool, if you know how to use it.
  • Web Analytics: We can capture and analyse your known customers’ online behaviour, both on your site and through social media. We use this analytic data to better target the customers who come to a site to buy, and to make sure they come to you to do it.
  • The Keyword Objects Platform: SEO Highly helped to develop the KO platform because there wasn’t anything on the market that collected and analysed our clients’ data the way we knew it needed to be done. It can integrate data from virtually any source, including traditional web analytics, organic ranking data, CRM inputs and bid management data to show exactly which keywords will bring your customers in, and what we need to do to optimise your site for those words and phrases. It is truly unique in the SEO field, and we bring its power to you.
  • The Best People: Too many SEO companies forget the importance of creativity and real communication in their obsession with ‘writing for robots’. The core of your website needs to be its ability to communicate your message to your customers in a compelling, effective way. We use the technology, we don’t let it use us.
What can we do for you?

Now we’re talking. We can improve your ranking on all major search engines, not just Google. We can create a full online marketing campaign that will convert that traffic into sales. We can use the data we capture to constantly fine-tune and improve your campaign, and its results, and we can improve your customer’s overall user experience at the same time.

Again, put simply we optimise your message to fit your real customers, and make sure they hear it.

Where are we?

Our headquarters are in Miami, Florida, and we have recently opened our London office, bringing our proven skills and expertise to the UK.

Lastly, just a little bragging

SEO Highly has been an Advertising Age Top 10 Search Agency for seven years running, and a Forrester Wave Search Agency in 2012. We have a wide client base made up of many leading brands and Fortune 500 companies, including Accenture, Fairmont Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Humana, HSBC, SAP and Wharton Executive Education, and the list grows every year.